Mark Drobnick
Mark Drobnick

About the Candidate

My career began as a local politician in Waukegan. This is how I got to where I am today:


  • Born on May 20 in Waukegan, IL
  • Studied pre-med Biology at University of Illinois (U-C); Medicine in Chicago, and Law in Illinois, Texas, and Puerto Rico
  • Developed political interest early on through election to the Student Council
  • Garnered 40% of vote with six-week City Clerk campaign in 2005
  • Law Clerk/ Para-legal at a Waukegan law office
  • Interim, by appointment, candidate for Lake County Board, State Representative, and Lieutenant Governor
  • Mark Drobnick blog treats Waukegan politics, travel, celebrities, movies, science and music
  • Bi-lingual with Spanish fluency, via travel to Spain & Venezuela, former residence in Caribbean, and 22 years with Puerto Rican born wife.
  • Natural ability with numbers and finance.  ACT math score 35 (36 is perfect, nationwide). 

If you have more questions regarding my political career, please contact me or call the campaign office at 224 532 0456. I've always got an open ear for my constituents.

My Private Life

My political views are inseparable from my private life. I grew up with the support of two loving parents in a family of three, and was always taught that achievement requires hard work and dedication. These are lessons I take with me in all walks of life.

As a politician, I want to strengthen the family values that provided me with such a rich childhood experience. Family-oriented policies and a strong school system are the keys to success in this area. I have pursued this agenda through the nonprofit arena for years and look forward to doing more as your elected official.

Believe it or not, I have posted some of my musical performances on YouTube. These are of me singing and playing guitar.  My orginal interest in applied music began at age nine, here in Waukegan, with the Burklund Music Studio, located on Tenth Street at Prescott Avenue.  That lasted for two years, during which my first music teacher, Mrs. Eleanor Stutzman, transfered us to Magri Music on Grand Avenue, again Waukegan.

Taking 1st campaign international to Puerto Rico


Mark Drobnick


Waukegan, Illinois  USA


Office Phone: available upon request


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Campaign News

As an active campaigner, I like to converse with my constituents in person as much as possible. Check out our news page to find a campaign stop near you. 

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