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Mark Drobnick

Campaign News

Get the latest news from our campaign headquarters! Stay up to date on the issues of the day, or find out where Mark Drobnick's next campaign stop is happening and stop by to say hello and voice your opinions in a face-to-face encounter.

Town Hall Series

In the coming months I will be touring the state for a series of town-hall-style meetings. These gatherings provide an excellent forum to present my views and discuss them with ordinary citizens like you. To RSVP for a town hall event, please send us a message.

New Visiting Hours

Mark Drobnick is a firm believer in participatory democracy. Call us at 224 5320456 to schedule a private meeting with the candidate, who is always interested in hearing your concerns. We have expanded the visiting hours for your convenience.

Upcoming TV Debate

Mark Drobnick welcomes the upcoming televised debate as a chance to present our view of the challenges facing IL, and to contrast our common-sense solutions with other candidates. The debate is scheduled for Wednesday 9 p.m. Don't miss it!


Mark Drobnick


Waukegan, Illinois  USA


Office Phone: available upon request


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Campaign News

As an active campaigner, I like to converse with my constituents in person as much as possible. Check out our news page to find a campaign stop near you. 

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