Mark Drobnick
Mark Drobnick

Untap It Now

"Untap It Now"

by Mark Drobnick © 2018 
     [ Composer dedication:  to Loida Jordan ]


Nascent, new, original song!
(Accompanying music, forthcoming.  M.D.)


Genre:  Pop rock   

L  Y  R  I  C  S:


Verse 1   Work's done, school's out, time to refill.
Clouds broke, sunshine, winds at the still.
You're there, I'm here.  Where should we go?
Come on, let's score, a cup of joe.



B R I D G E   1
     I've been all day cogitating on you.
           What's the new thing that you're gonna do?
              You said you'd solve it, that block we hit.
               I've been here stuck, in a quicksand pit.
                    It's mighty swampy where we pitched our tent.
                    Your aw-shucks, jive act, pays the rent.



        L I N K   1         That I got to see!


     { repeat part 1, then instrumental solo/ break }



        U - N - T - A - Peony, AUM m m m m m m m m m m m m m  [Om]  
        P - E - "o" - N - "y griega", Om m m m m m m m m m m m m m  [Spanglish]  
        G - L - A - D - I - O - L - U - S   (x2)
        [Vocal Harmonies ad lib.] 


Verse 2   You're free, I'm me, let's celebrate.
Perfection, for me, is being your mate.
Let's cook those grounds, time to percolate.
There's wanting to fill, now to satiate.



B R I D G E   2
   I look out the window at your flower garden.
        Gladiolus are happy to see me.
            Bees are busy pollinating away.
            Honey is there to please me.
               Step on that mulch, it's there to provide,
               All the nurturing they've been craving.
               Hold me tight, I've got something for you, 
               All the love that I've been saving.



        L I N K   2  Untap it now.  It's yours!


{ Repeat part 2.  
{ Staccato end. } 


[  Posted/ published:  26 January 2018  ]




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