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Key words,....galore!!!  (107 of 'em).

Hermit, Covid variants BA.4 & BA.5, Mutations, Biological Evolution,

Social Darwinism, Diploid, Anti-consanguinity law, "Deliverance",

Incest, Penicillin, Holy Bible, Dr. Fauci,

LGBQ, LSMFT, Covid vaccine, Medical school,

Investigatory journalism, Wuhan China, Dark Money, Bill Gates,

Warren Buffett, Einstein, United Nations,...... Revelations,

MITA Church, Hillary Clinton, Jim Lovell, Apollo 13,

Ten Commandments, Charlton Heston, Polio vaccine, India,

Ventilator, John Prine, Trump, Operation Warp Speed,

Immunology, state-licensed chemist, voodoo, Jamaican nurse,

Presidential Medal of Freedom,...... Sniper, Single-parent household, Corporate board of directors,

3 branches of government (balance of power), Archbishop Cupich, Roe v. Wade, Pregnant Statue of Liberty,

Hate speech, Incite violence, Bill of Rights, Greatest country on Earth. 



On Fri, Jul 8, 2022 at 21:24, Mark Drobnick wrote:


E-mails titled: 

"New Covid 'gang member'"


                                        by Mark Drobnick

                                                                                 & Correspondent 14;

   with fleeting comment by "Carol"


(reacting to news of the latest Covid variant to appear, "BA.5")



Paperback Writer (pseudonym)


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1 day ago


At first when staying away from people bothered me, now being around people bothers me.  I've found more things to do to occupy myself.  I've become a real hermit and enjoying it, books, books and more books.  Some television and lots of gardening.  Only communication now is emails and telephone.   I like it that way. 




Super-infectious BA.5 is a coronavirus 'beast.' Here's how to protect yourself



Super-infectious BA.5 is a coronavirus 'beast.' Here's how to protect yo...

Taking preventative measures is especially important now as BA.4 and especially BA.5 can reinfect even those who...




08 July 2022

From:  M.D.

To:  Correspondent 14  (No.  I don't mean M. Smart's Agent 99; rather, she's more a Loretta Young type; all three of them classy ladies, each in her own style.)


When's this stuff gonna end?  Poor California, poor the rest of us.


09 July 2022

From:  Correspondent 14

So, the "vaccine" is working?!?! ??? [e-moji]


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On Sat, Jul 9, 2022 at 12:17, Mark Drobnick

<> wrote:

YES.  Definitely, one word.


MUTATIONS are the problem which face us.  Mutations also are a driving force in any animal or plant species' evolution.   And although I subscribe to biological evolution, I am not a proponent of "social Darwinism".


And "bugs", the virus, mutate much more rapidly.  This thing is not even a haploid organism (we are diploid), like bacteria which reproduce asexually, by fission (splitting in two).


By the way, diploid is a good thing.  It keeps us healthy. 


So, if we have one bad gene from one parent, often times the healthy gene from the other parent will mask the potentially deleterious effect.  That's why we have anti-consanguinity laws on the books.


Ever seen the movie "Deliverance"?  That's what happens when the ignorant venture into incest.  You end up with a real mess, and ensuing, multiple ramifications.  None of them [are] good.


Viruses are an odd lot.  You can't exactly call them a living thing.  Instead, they're a capsule of DNA --- maybe I mean RNA, am a bit rusty here --- which hijacks a living cell's metabolism, for the virus to reproduce.  As Covid is doing to human beings.


When I visited Venezuela, I could buy penicillin OTC for five dollars, at any pharmacy.  Makes me wonder a bit, about that country's public health policy.  They're in real (economic and political) dire straits these days.


If everyone treats penicillin like aspirin, this creates more problems than it solves.  It wipes out the weak germs, leaving room for mutated, spontaneously-resistant bugs to take their place.  Doctors, thus, have to be cautious, and prescribe penicillin sparingly.


What's happening in Calif., and everywhere those folks travel, is that now we've got new strains, beyond Delta and Omicron, spreading.  As I said:  when's this darn-blasted thing gonna end?


Take care, enjoy the beautiful weather [14],

Marcos  E-moji



El domingo, 10 de julio de 2022, 10:34:16 p. m. CDT, [Correspondent 14] escribió:



  ...It isn't going to end, rather it's going to get worse. This virus I believe was man made, and now the "vaccine", a shot you know little about, and now a variant, and another and another...and has the shot helped?!? A vaccine in every sense of the word is only given ONE time! Not 1, 2, 3... variant...repeat!!.  and what happened to Fauci? They used him (crook should be in jail and all the others, including Bill Gates; don't get me started with him!!) for their purposes and discarded him;

...and now, more and more studies are finding the health issues and death that the shot is causing, a shot devised in months, rather than years, which is how it’s always been done in the past (you say you have medical training??) It takes YEARS to devise and test and triple test a vaccine!!( the one thing I disagreed with Trump about, btw).

 You seem to trust the government,  and you're allowed your opinion, but I know and listen to different sources than you, and I know the UN wants  to bring the population down, and they are doing just that!! This is  precursor[y] stuff, to prepare the people to believe even more stupidity! Consequently, more death.

Satan's plan to kill and destroy!

You would be doing yourself the greatest favor if you read the Bible, especially now, perhaps Revelation, and see what's happening!!  Things happening that were foretold 4000 years ago!  God is faithful and true!

Truly, the world isn't falling apart, it is falling into place!  Amen, come Lord Jesus!!

 I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but some things are as obvious as the nose on your face!!

  The Bible is true, Jesus is God;

Get to know Him before it's too late!

You will live eternally, with God or without; you DO NOT want to die and find yourself without Him!!




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Mark Drobnick <>


[Correspondent 14]


[Agent 38], [Agent 10]


vie, 8 de jul a las 11:24 p. m.



Mark Drobnick <>

Para:  [14]


mar, 12 de jul a las 12:45 a. m.



[Correspondent 14],


my dear, esteemed, [friend since childhood],

and member of the renowned XXXXXXXX clan, mommy XXXXXXXXX,

pater familias XXXXXXX, he, immortalized as governmental trustee on the bronze...plaque,........IL,...


We all live our own reality.  Then, we interact with the physical world and the plants and animals around us, with humans included. 

I note your comments, which obviously you've thought much and deeply about, and, here's my feeling about all this,....

"I've Got a Feeling" --- Beatles


Lighten up, girl.  You'll live longer. 

Although yes, there are times when it's necessary to be serious.  Once in court, an unknown spectator saw my Pop march in.  Spontaneously commented:  watch out, this lawyer looks serious.  And Dad was.

Mom, managing at phone co., she didn't take any guff.  I met a lieutenant of hers last week, who's at a local church here.  "Mrs. Drobnick always was tranquil, cool, calm and collected."  Helen set the tone for the office of 125 women. 

Mom's attitude is useful in other situations as well.  For example, in the wake of July 4th, Highland Park, a psychological expert opined:  being calm in the face of such an onslaught is to possess a "superpower".  It will make the difference and save your life.


So, your letter.  I'll cover it all.  Lemme jump around.


My tipping point on the vaccine maybe was a TV ad I saw run in Chicagoland several times.  Eight or 10 M.D.'s of both genders (and various races) --- yes, I'm old-fashioned and don't understand more than two sexes (or as Michael Savage gibes, the LGBQ, XYZ, LSMFT movement (Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco --- a lie, a deceit by the way, from our youth; there's nothing fine about cancer, heart disease and emphysema)),.... 


Anyway, the M.D.'s all counseled in the public service ad, that we should go for the Covid vaccine.  So, I did. 


Have had the initial, plus two boosters.  Most recent having been in Oct. 2021.


Boosters are nothing new.  I had them as a kid, for example, against diphtheria. 


Fact is, this is "ancient", well-established science.  The first vaccines originated a thousand years ago, from India. 


And, as to M.D.'s, I lived, traveled, fraternized, studied with, and recreated with, extensively.  To varying extents, having rubbed elbows, or more, with 224 of them, is part of my experience and formation.


As a group, I've never run into more capable people!  They're the brightest, and, they work hard. 


In my upbringing I've known some future lawyers.  Some of those folks had to settle for law, because they weren't smart enough to qualify for medicine.


[In all fairness to lawyers though, it really is a different skill set required to play that game and win.  Cf. physicians at their craft, which is a distinct environment, whose practitioners must comply with other exigencies.  Drs. are the bastions of our longevity, health & well-being.


[And, regardless of what mentors and influencers persuaded and/or dissuaded any of these would-be professionals in their nascent stages, it's really only once into practice, after completion of formal study, that either profession hones and develops its members' skills sufficiently, to be of efficacious service to humanity.


[Lawyers and doctors, both of them are of key importance to the well-being of developed, enlightened society.  The former is most adept at civilized, conflict resolution, among disputants. 


[Dueling's long gone, right?  Even if gun violence is not.  The latter, would seem to be more a multi-influenced, general, societal malady than due to any separate, legal shortcoming. 


[As to specifics, my "flow chart" of why some of my colleagues ended up in law, I speak only from my own personal experience, which admittedly, may not be statistically significant.  That is, that my sample size is too small, is certainly possible.]


You saying, "it's never gonna end," is being pessimistic.  That gets us nowhere, IMHO.  But yes, I am virtually always in there, for being realistic.


So, when you say, "never", I say, please let me examine your evidence.  I am open-minded, always receptive to new info.  And, then let's evaluate how good the info is. 


We have freedom of the press in this country, a wonderful feature.  If Fauci is corrupt, that will be revealed thru investigatory journalism.  Remember how they caught Nixon? 


I don't have any bad feeling about Fauci.  He is not profiting monetarily from the Covid crisis, as has been investigated.  He has no conflict of interest, the facts indicate thus far.


Is he a dummy, a dupe, of nefarious bad people?  Well, all kinds of things are possible. 


Please provide me evidence to pursue this thread.  But, as being an M.D., I already know he's an above-average person in terms of intellect and drive.  No slow-thinking slacker, he.


Wuhan China I've heard is where all this is supposed to have started.  Are there bad guys in a lab, doing cook book? 


That is, is this Covid due to a terrorist organization, or organized, established, enemy government, or, private enterprise of dubious ethics and allegiance, that's behind all this?  Did they create the bug on purpose?


Sci-fi movies present scenarios, which if not too far-fetched, hold the intelligent viewers' interest.  Conspiracy, by definition, simply means a criminal with helper(s).  Two or more individuals consorting with each other to prey upon law-abiding, civilized society, is conspiracy. 


So, when I talked biological evolution and one of its driving forces, mutation, then it behooves us to be exhaustive.  Possibly here, we have an exception.  The problem would not stem from Nature, but rather from malevolent, human actors.


Or, are they from outer space?  There's a bunch of stuff on YouTube about reptile humanoids and the dark side, etc., taking over the planet.  Well, whatever. 


[I am not talking about "Dark Money" which is completely a distinct issue, and, a real, existing and certain way to usurp power.  Montana, by the way, is our state that's least corrupted by dark money. 


[The bottom line here is that voters ultimately lose out.  They become so manipulated by bad propaganda that what they "choose" at the polls, turns out to be the product of brainwashing, rather than rational, logical decision making.  Voters suffer having "surgically removed" --- or should I say, "implanted?!"--- against their own volition, their capacity to choose what really is best for them.]


It's certainly even possible that our ancestors come from another planet.  How biologically viable organisms came to populate our Earth, and then becoming more evolved.


Possibility, possibility, possibility,....  But, what's the fact of the matter?


Bill Gates, from Seattle, dad's a lawyer.  Super-rich guy, computers,...  Okay.  So what?


Warren Buffett, another super-rich, from Omaha,....  Seems like a benevolent uncle.  His dad was a U.S. Congressman. 


WB & Einstein both, are super-impressed by the wonders of compounded interest.  How money snowballs into a pile bigger than we know what to do with, if we only give it time.


You talk about my medical training.  Five years in psychiatric and G, M & S wards.  I was a key holder (like prison warden) as to the former; the acronym, means general medical & surgical.  Eight years of pre-med and medicine, up to National Boards Part I of M.D. 


Part 1 = Basic Medical Sciences (Human Anatomy, Microbiology, Histology, Pharmacology, Immunology, and a score of others)

Part 2 = Clerkships

Part 3 = Residency (specialization)


By the way, a close buddy of mine in college, for 4 years, Kurt G., an engineering type,....

And pals w. his bro Hayden and sis Kim,....

Their dad practiced pathology in IL; then moved to NY to specialize in psychiatry.  Mom was R.N.


Point is, I've lived around a lot of these folks in my formation.  I know a lot about that system and its human components.


And as I say, tipping point was hearing from the pro M.D.'s on the tele.


UN?  Sure, we have to be vigilant.  Anything can be hijacked, starting with our own automobiles. 


Prez Wilson proposed precursor, League of Nations, in wake of WWI.  Ostensibly, the UN is to prevent future wars.  That's good and noble.


Trump says they waste money.  Okay.  Make them tighten their belt and be efficient.  But the mission is still a venerable one.


[Correspondent 14], show me some of your info sources, por favor.


"Revelations" is the backbone of [my wife's] church.  I've heard it a hundred times.  So, this is my main contact with that Bible chapter, to date.  Interesting stuff.


Here's more about MITA church of Puerto Rico.  It's the only church there that's native, rather than imported from somewhere else.



Interestingly, our girl served as class president, when enrolled in Colegio Mita, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.  Relatedly, school officials were given to know that her daddy had run in municipal politics. 


Among this church's teachings is that neither tobacco, alcohol nor gambling is condoned.  Seems churches everywhere, attend to the problems of their specific communities.  So likewise, is the practice here.  And the Mita church demonstrates a quite glowing record in accomplishing their exemplary goals, inuring to the benefit of all followers. 


Also, they're something of a big deal, shall we say.  Fact is, when Hillary Clinton ran for USA President, she and daughter Chelsea made it a point to stop in, at Templo Mita, Hato Rey.  


Thereupon, these two ladies got to meet with the church’s spiritual leaders & associates, in charge of realizing MITA's mission.  Whereupon they dialogued and exchanged ideas, as to its good works and scope, historically, developing, and ongoing, located island-wide, stateside, and internationally. 


"Years" for a vaccine, meaning clinical trials parts 1, 2 & 3?  Yeah, I'm familiar.  But, sometimes, we don't have time.  Then what? 


For example, when I resided in Lake Forest on XXXXX Ave., our next door neighbor was Jim Lovell's daughter.  When his Apollo 13 space capsule exploded on the way to the moon, NASA did not have lots of time to save him and his crew.  So they hurried and improvised and were successful, anyway.


That's kind of what's happened with the government's response to Covid, IMHO. 


As for a nefarious plot to kill people, if the govt. or bad actors in power, really want to achieve this, then here is how to proceed.  Do everything normal[ly], including the years of clinical trials to receive FDA approval. 


Then unleash it on a totally unsuspecting populace.  But that didn't happen, did it?


I've also heard skeptics say they're introducing an extra component, like dog and cat micro chips with the Covid vaccine, to better control us.  But, where's the proof for this?  Where's the evidence to support that claim?


What is fact and what is fantasy?  This is very important to distinguish and identify. 


Otherwise, we act impulsively and without reason.  That would only portend bad.


 "God is faithful and true!"  I completely agree.  And, I do not see that as inconsistent with anything else I'm saying here.


So [14], I think you and I are on the same page.  Maybe it's a question of differing styles of dealing with the world, and beyond.


Too late?  For what? 


It's never too late, seems to me.


You pose very interesting and thought-provoking issues.  I took "World Religions" already, my first semester of college, at age 17, as an elective.


That's how important I've always considered this stuff.


When I ran for city clerk, in front of an audience, I recited verbatim the 10 commandments.  That's how important I consider them to be, and, how perfect. 


I don't care if it was not Charlton Heston who wrote them (joke).  I recognize quality and excellence whenever I encounter it.


My point in debate there was that this is a recipe for how politicians can stay out of trouble and do what's right.  Did it impact my opponent? 


Well, fact is, he keeled over dead a year later, only in his fifties (no joke).  That was never my intent to cause him lethal consternation. 


But rather, it was aimed at, for the good of the city.  So that no matter who won, it was more likely that the office would be run correctly, legally & ethically.


Later, my friend,

Mark H.

12 July 2022






Postscript (includes preliminary, "launch pad", material):


Mark Drobnick <>


[Correspondent 14]


[Agent 10], [Agent 38]


vie, 8 de jul a las 7:50 p. m.


Like with religion, or anything, you gotta follow your instincts, what makes sense to you.  That comes largely from experience.  [But, when we’re new to the world, religion’s usually from our folks.]


I received the polio vaccine when I was a kid.  No problem.  And various others, ditto.


Vaccines have been around for one thousand years now, starting in India.


So Covid?  Hey, I've seen people on ventilators (intubated & sedated), up close and personal.  I know what that is.


Would be nice to avoid being on one myself.  And that would be, only if the patient was still alive.


By the way, one of Monday's [July 4th, 2022], local, gunshot victims, an eight-year-old, has ventilator helping keep him alive now.  Sad.  Let's pray for him. 


Musician John Prine, for example, was one of the virus' first victim fatalities.  Caught it in France, while on concert tour.


Prez Trump's "Operation Warp Speed", to get the Covid vaccine to us?  Yeah, I trust it.


Did they go too fast?  Well, money like there's no tomorrow (which maybe there wouldn't have been) was poured into it.  (Notwithstanding, I understand that six million dead, is the latest mortality count.)


Immunology is part of what I studied in the M.D. program.  I acquired an above-average sense of how this science works, already when I was 20 years young.


I worked as state-licensed chemist in [three different, multi-national, pharmaceutical manufacturing firms in Puerto Rico].  You could eat off the floor in those places' laboratories; much more clean than even when I worked the labs in universities.


But, it all starts in the brain.  Do (or, don't do) what feels right.


If a patient, mentally, is overly distraught, this certainly impedes their recuperation and recovery.  Counterproductive, works against it.


For example, that's how voodoo witch doctors bamboozle the ignorant.  They've got 'em mesmerized with hocus pocus.


But hey, I don't have all the answers.  And, am always learning. 


This last, a good thing indeed.  For starters, shows me I'm alive.





Nurse (Jamaican) who received 1st COVID vaccine, honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom:  'We saved so many more lives'


Yahoo news article ---

Nurse who received 1st COVID vaccine honored with Presidential Medal of...

On Thursday, President Biden awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, to ...



From:  [Correspondent 14]



vie, 8 de jul a las 10:31 p. m.


You're certainly entitled to your views, as for me, I've researched some myself, that shot is wicked; latest research from a pathologist stating a lot of clotting issues going on. I could go on, but suffice it to say, I'll trust the Lord as my "vaccine", I'm  not letting the government destroy my health, I know what's going on; the deep-rooted, sinister plan to bring the population down. No time now, going to bed....the only safe place is trusting Jesus...??☝


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Mark Drobnick <>


[C 14]


[A 10], [A 38]



vie, 8 de jul a las 11:09 p. m.


(Background --- unrelated thread, which catalyzed our entire Corona Virus, back-and-forth dialogue.  That you have just seen, transcribed above. 


(Has to do with a young fellow, about age 19, who sought to attach himself to me at our hotel, while I was on holiday visiting Mt. Rushmore, with my wife and kids.  There's even more to the young interloper discussion, which precedes, omitted here for relevance and brevity. 


(In particular what concerned me, was this kid’s fixation upon wanting to turn professional, for the military, at practicing as human sniper.  In marked contrast, at his age, I was fixated upon practicing as physician and saving human lives.  Which encounter with him, I found to be most disconcerting. 


([C 14] offered a great insight.  That maybe this boy/ man's odd behavior was rooted in him, and acted out, possibly because of being without a father, and opportunistically seizing upon me as surrogate. 


(Yes folks, both of them, moms and pops, are important, even essential, to kids' optimal upbringing.  Single-parent households, fact is, are not ideal environments for child raising.  But, some of us don't enjoy that Providence, and instead have to make due, as best we can.  That's life.)



1.  [C 14], your question, "did he have a father?", is an excellent one!  In our group, we never had that discussion.  Never occurred to anyone.  Mostly, the adults did the talking.


Maybe that was why the SD, young man acted so.  Completely understandable, and the chap deserves empathy, not condemnation. 


Sorry I never thought about it.  I would've treated him better. 


Thank you.  Now I don't feel as much "haunted", as curious, instead.





------- Now, back to the real meat of what this chatter is all about, as main subject winds down.  "Covid Authenticity", most lately talked about in connection with the newest, post-Omicron variant. -------



2.  That's what's great about any successful, corp. board of directors.  All sharp people, everyone brings something different to the table.  Result:  max. prosperity collectively, for the company.



3.  Haven't read your note yet, of this evening re Covid medal, except first several words. 


Yes.  Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.  That's what I'm saying about directors.  And applies in so many applications.


That's why there are 3 branches of govt.  Too much power centralized in one locus, would certainly be a recipe for disaster, as soon as the wrong people got in there.



4.  Life in general, it's good to touch base with other viewpoints.  Otherwise, we'd all be best off as hermits.



5.  Here's another [topic], about disparate opinions on a current, hot issue.  Archdiocese of Chicago, spokesman, Archbishop Cupich, issues official statement on a Roe v. Wade problem that's cropped up, like yesterday.  And you know, though I'm no Catholic zealot, I completely agree with him.


An IL state senator --- from surname, I'm guessing of a different faith --- posted an ill-advised cartoon on Facebook.  It shows the Pope aiming a potentially about to be discharged firearm, at the head of an obviously pregnant, Statue of Liberty.


She subsequently took it down, after complaints. 


Declared the Church.  This is wrong, to attack someone else's faith, regardless of which religion.  (We're not talking 9-11, kamikaze nuts, I expect).  It's an anti-Catholic trope.


Further said the Church.  As an elected official, she should know better.


Also, Church said:  this constitutes "hate speech".  Now that's getting really bad; I expect attorney general will look into it, for prosecution.  This stuff tends to incite violence, against the faithful.


I completely agree.  I love our Bill of Rights.  And, as you know, 1st Amendment includes freedom of religion.



6.  It's another reason, USA is the greatest country on Earth.


Mark H.  Emoji


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{ posted:  28 July 2022 } 





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