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Paul McCartney meet/ greet request - Mark Drobnick

"Paul McCartney meet/greet request-Mark Drobnick"

Dateline: 20 April 2013

Dear Sir Paul,


It would be my great honor and privilege, to shake your hand, converse something meaningful, and have a photo opportunity with you, when you perform at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 16 July 2013. Guest and myself have tickets for Section 408, Row ("I Saw Her Standing There" number), seats (specifics to follow).


I play some Beatle songs like Blackbird, Lady Madonna, I'm So Tired, Strawberry Fields, I'm Only Sleeping, Cry Baby Cry, Here Comes the Sun, and, It Don't Come Easy (yeah, Ringo). And, we grew up listening to you, e.g. I bought LP's Magical Mystery Tour, White album, and Abbey Road, brand new, as soon as they were issued. Beatle music was always important part of our lives.


I completely dig how you put melodies, chords, rhythms, & lyrics together. Your production, mixing, & instrumentation are superb, too. And, you've got a keen voice. You definitely inspire me in my interpretation and writing. Bottom line: I like the message of your songs and how they make me feel.


This is the most efficient way I know of, to communicate with you, so please excuse this not-so-private venue. I didn't know how else, how not to make it so public.


If references are of any help, I have personally met Mr. Roberto Carlos (who I understand has sold as many records as the Beatles in Brazil, where you are performing soon). That was at his San Juan show in June 2012, when he met my daughter Linda, also, and gave her a kiss on the cheek, after the show.


Additionally, I have met Mr. Mark Hudson, Ringo's producer. And, I am a Beatles journalist on a Canadian web-site (Ringo reviews and more). Plus, I have made the acquaintance of Mr. Peter Noone, who shares our mutual regard for you.


Again, I would like to meet you.


Thank you very much!


Best wishes in all things,



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