Mark Drobnick
Mark Drobnick

My Core Beliefs and Values

Here is what I want to do as your representative:

  • Tackle the national debt crisis with common-sense solutions
  • Ensure more transparency in government
  • Provide an online forum for citizens to voice their concerns
  • Strengthen families through better education
  • Make sure every initiative is paid for in full – no new debt!

If you have any questions regarding my campaign or a specific issue, feel free to contact me or call our office at 224 5320456. We are always happy to speak with our constituents and we look forward to your call.

St. Thomas USVI, 100 foot depth submarine wreck, dive trip
Collage including Mark about to dive in and Christmas card when family was smaller
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Bold leadership requires unwavering belief in a core set of values. You can learn more about my political beliefs on this page.

As an independent candidate, the concerns of my constituents always take precedence over the interests of political parties and lobbyists. All around us, we see the special interests of an influential few drowning out the needs of ordinary citizens. I have a different vision for America, and I am asking for help in realizing the dream of a more perfect union!


The scuba photo is of me feeding salt water fish, bread, from pockets in my buoyancy vest.  It was shallow, only down to 35 feet deep.  The nice thing about shallow diving is that air tanks last much longer. 


Was taken from a shore dive (where I walked into Atlantic Ocean, with buddy) off of Escambrón, Puerto Rico.  We also encountered an octupus adhering to a rock, not big, about the size of a cat or small dog.  It scurried away when able.  No ink!  


Escambrón is across highway from commonwealth Supreme Court.  Also, situated further away from Old San Juan, and nearby, is the Caribe Hilton, where President Obama visited in June 2011, the first visit to Puerto Rico by an USA president, since Kennedy, 50 years prior.


This scuba pastime implies my commitment to preserving a clean environment.  For how I view our Lake at Waukegan, please Google reference Mark Drobnick Blog posting dated March 17 & 19, 2009:  "Lake Front Economy, Lake Michigan at Waukegan, Illinois".  


Our latest campaign advertisement hit the airwaves this week. You can view the spot in the video below.

Video: Ad for campaign values


Mark Drobnick


Waukegan, Illinois  USA


Office Phone: available upon request


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As an active campaigner, I like to converse with my constituents in person as much as possible. Check out our news page to find a campaign stop near you. 

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