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Mark Drobnick

Wm. F. Buckley Jr.'s Take on New York Values

"Buckley's take on NY Values"


The latest, GOP, Presidential debate saw a heated exchange between Trump and Cruz over "New York values", lampooned, by Cruz, as being decidedly liberal.


Trump defended, that Manhattan also includes conservatives, like William F. Buckley [Jr.].  His point is that Cruz' portrayal of NY as liberal, is false.


Well, to the contrary, conservatives predictably can be found to be in agreement on Cruz' perspective.  The demonstration comes, unexpectedly and ironically, straight from the horse's mouth!


Does conservatism realistically fit into Trump's appraisal of NY City values?  Quite instructive is Trump's referred to, Wm. F. Buckley's very own take on the topic.


You would have to call it prescient of this week's question.  What a bright and witty fellow, as usual, Buckley is shown to have been!


Buckley was famously asked to prognosticate about forthcoming action implementation, contingent upon the success of his very own campaign to be elected mayor of New York City. 


"Mr. William F. Buckley, what is the very first thing you intend to do, if you win?"  


To which he instantly replied, "[D]emand, a recount!" 



conceptualized:  14 January 2016
written:  18 January 2016
posted:  27 January 2016


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