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Mark Drobnick

Assume An Identity!


Dated: 13 Feb. 2017

To: KSKJ local-XXXXX XXXXXX, secretary


From: Mark Drobnick

Re: RSVP, 03-12-17 event,

"Assume an Identity!"




"Nights in white satin
Never reaching the end

"Letters I've written
Never meaning to send"

--- Moody Blues, "Nights in White Satin"





1. RSVP. No, thank you.


2. Slovenians. Lots of infighting and lack of cohesion in my 32 (Martian) years of experience. But, I'm only ½ Slovenian (mom's Polish).


I'm glad though, that Melania's in the White House. Makes me feel like part of me is there too. You support what's in common with you.


3. Some local Slovenians I have known: Family Hodnik (x2), Gregorin, Zalaznik (No.Cgo. fire chief), Gornik, Merlock, Umek bros., Uhrs, Petrics, Drasler, Habjans, Pekol, Serdar, Jerina, Chamernik, Kirn, Gerjol, Grom, Stritar, Pucin, Dobnikar, Hocevar,...


Croatians from old neighborhood include: Miholic, Weakley, & Matijevich.

Okay people,...for the most part. But not natural feeling of strong affinity. Simpatico of ilk: hello, goodbye.


4. Even Catholics' religion, 25% of this country: group is too big for membership to be meaningful.

Seems in USA, like Italians and Irish have been running Church anyway, at least in my limited, finite experience.


5. Whereas among Protestants, breaks down into small enough sub-groups: Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, etc.


6. One of my big adventures in life is 12 years residency in Puerto Rico. I was struck by homogeneity of its people. Many of the invented frictions you see in mainland society are absent there. How nice that aspect was!


Thus, there was no "affirmative action" to speak of. You never found, on school or job application, a question about your origin. There is no pariah the government is worried about making reparations to.


Besides, intuitively, to become involved in that, I never saw how could be a winning proposition for anyone who was not able to check a box, other than "white/caucasian", when it's made an issue.


7. American Indians, Irish, Blacks, Jews, Chinese Americans, Greeks, & Latinos: these are meaningful, ethnic group memberships.

Corollary: I guess you could say that they successfully resist becoming fully assimilated.


8. So, is KSKJ membership a good thing? Yes, definitely.


9. But, as we assimilate into being "Americans", its relevance wanes over time.


10. What to belong to then? That is the question.


Bus driver Ralph Kramden belongs to the Raccoon lodge. Never fails him and pal Norton for a worthwhile, good time.

Troglodyte Fred Flinstone belongs to the Water Buffaloes,... Just another pastime shared with buddy Barney Rubble.


Man of the future George Jetson has,...when not fretting over how to pacify crabby boss Mr. Spacely,...I don't know. Family?


11. Obviously, it's different for every man (and woman), and, changes over time. What works for you in this dynamic society, most likely will be something different for your grand kids.


But, we all need something right now.


What is that then? I ask myself.


Admit it or not, we all want to belong to some sort of tribe, where we receive extra appreciation and support from our group. Maybe that sounds politically incorrect. Also, and maybe that's good to identify, bring out in the open anyway.


In any event, I'm usually available to meet one-on-one, or in small group, if there's progress to be made in some area, which someone wants to achieve. Only else comes to mind:


12. Slovenians don't have to honor me. You already have, with this invitation.


Further, it is I who honor you, in sharing thoughts I trust put our group, and everyone, forward.


Thus, I reaffirm in the negative, as to the invite. But, thanks again XXXXX, for thinking of me.

Best regards,


Mark Drobnick

Waukegan, Illinois



(Posted/ first published --- 09 May 2017)



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Waukegan, Illinois  USA


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