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Mark Drobnick

Martin Bumby / I Want to Live Forever

"Martin Bumby"

Lights, camera, action!  You played to our satisfaction.

You loved and hated your craft, while you made us cry, emote, and laugh.
Genius was what you brought to the table, the best of your generation,   
          substance of fable.

You made us an offer we couldn't refuse.  All your manifestations, front page
We all could've been a contender.  You, champion of our dreams, were a
          never ender.

Entertainment was at bottom line.  Every nuance you projected, craftsman so
At your beck and call, Stella, your obsession.  Boisterous or quiet, selective,     
          or of no discretion.

The world paid handsomely to sit at your table.  You crusaded for causes, as
          you were able.
A radical bohemian with decided perspective.  Your thespian rant, at times 

What your childhood schooling never formally finished;
          in adroit acting, you were never diminished.
You couldn't spell, but you had us under your spell.
          Your family and friends never did it so well,

As give you their dedication and allegiance.
          While you exacted loyalty, your patent exegesis.
Charming, as you needed to be.  Private in private, when not open book,
          for the world to see.

Was it Juncos, Libertyville, or Tahiti,
          where you hung your hat?
Mexico, Hollywood, or France,
          where you loved to do that?

Those things that you do,
          you always strove for perfection.
We loved what you did,
          to another direction.

Both triumphs and tragedies befell you.
          Humanity and hubris, combined to tell you.

Like everyone else, you were of your own world,
          that's all that you had.
Thanks for the good times.
          No one ever wished you the bad.

All told, we're enriched by your visit. 
          Godspeed to you Martin, all ways playing us right.
Your star is forever.
          May it always shine bright!

by Mark Drobnick © 2014
( posted:  13 May 2014 )


"I Want To Live Forever"

I want to live forever.
How about you?
Each day reminds me,
I gotta be new.

With all the time I waste,
A century's not enough.
The jokers I run into,
All try to show me they're tough.

You pine I'm taking you,
Down the wrong road.
That I'm forsaking you,
With my heavy load.

Girl, you know more about it than me.
What makes you think I have all the answers?
I'm put upon this planet, same as everyone else.
Try this and that, we all take our chances.

I'm guilty, I let those fogies put their eye on me.
Their plan, for my livelihood,
Best if I never met them.
Then would be my path in life, as it should.

You think I'm one of them.
That I dazzled you with colored lights.
I ought to let go,
And make right, what's right.

Well, I'm as scared as they.
A coward always shouts so loud.
Lording it over resistance,
Makes the bully stand proud.

But I always had pure intent.
I looked squarely into the mirror.
I never sought to deceive anyone.
My plans couldn't have been purer.

I'm lost too, and I need you so.
I hope I don't come on too strong.
I know that sounds cloying.
Please don't get me wrong.

When you find your answer,
Please share it with me.
It's just how to get there,
We both want to be free.

How do we get there?
We both want to be free.

by Mark Drobnick © 2014
( posted:  13 May 2014 )


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