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Mark Drobnick
President Obama Answer on Marriage, to Mark Drobnick, of 08-13-2013
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President Obama Weighs In on Drobnick Marriage Opinion

No wonder this chap's so popular, and, another reason I consider him to be the best President in a generation, maybe longer!  You have to like how he has our best interests at heart. 

He is like, the spokesperson for giving concrete form to my inchoate thoughts.  Listen to what he said about abortion: 

1.  "heart wrenching issue" (Hear!  Hear! especially the younger a mother is)
2.  "woman's right to choose" (this decision, in my view, should be made between her, and how she understands to be, God)

3.  "prevent unintended pregnancies" (does not exclude abstinence as contraception)
4.  "assist pregnant women and mothers" (as American as apple pie)

5.  "encourage healthy relationships" (long overdue, that true romance shouldn't have to be closeted as something shameful; why should anyone be condemned to having to go thru life alone and isolated because of societal, proscriptive sanction against how they act with another, consenting adult?)
6.  "promote adoption" (isn't the best home where there are dependable, parent figures providing security, who nurture the children and serve as a role model for them to imitate?)

I attended Catholic school my first ten, scholastic years.  Although the bachelors running this religious institution, from Rome, espouse a certain opinion about procreation, which they are entitled to, I find more pragmatic and practicable, the approach taken by the Pentecostal-type church of Puerto Rican origin, which my wife, Loida Maria, was raised in. 

Like virtually all religions, it strives, first and foremost, to solve the problems of living, which its congregation confronts in day-to-day existence; ("estoy en la lucha" {I'm hanging in there}, as Borinquens are fond of saying).  Well, the Puerto Rico commonwealth ("Estado Libre Asociado") is of a certain dollars and cents economy, of a certain marital status ("estado civil") reality, and of a concentrated, population dynamic, so that the church there, to be relevant and useful, must address these predicaments and solve them. 

Thus, where: 
1.  the average family is only able to save thirty-eight dollars per year (almost at scratch, or net deficit) annually;
2.  most marriages end in dissolution (Protestant, cultural influence, partly the reason);
3.  and there already co-exist three point seven million Puerto Rican, island inhabitants in a space compact enough, some 35 by 100 miles plus Vieques and Culebra islets, to yield a population density of eleven hundred people per square mile,... 

This crowdedness ranks 30th among sovereign states and dependent territories, world-wide.  Bangladesh, South Korea, Taiwan, and Holland number among the exclusive six, even more concentrated plus also possessed of larger areas. 

Relatedly, we have your principal baliwick, the USA, which comes in third place world-wide, as to quantity of population.  Only more populous are, mainland China and India.

I believe Loida's church is correct in its "planned parenthood" attitude.  And, this institution is a social services network, serving the needs of the community with spiritual orientation, job placement, housing, shelter, meals, education, medical care, personal development, multi-faceted counseling, socials, etc., to name various and several ministrations, carrying on its work for some seventy-five years now. 

Their byword is:  "love".  They are an inviting, inclusive community that treats all who adhere to its guidelines, with the utmost of compassion.  They are welcoming of newcomers. 


Also, they are a forgiving lot who accept all contrite profligates, returned to the fold.  This does not mean they are all things to all men and women.  But, no religion nor authority ever is, nor should it strive to be.  To my understanding, neither do they encourage nor condone, abortion or gay conduct; quite the contrary, both are considered anathema.

Coincidentally, at its main temple in Hato Rey, regularly visit various dignitaries, including local governors.  One noteworthy visit was some five years ago, by then U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea, during Mrs. Clinton's Presidential campaign. 


I believe this speaks as an acknowledgment, by people of leadership and in the know, of the magnificent work and good that my wife's church achieves for the people who live in Puerto Rico, as well as thru its various satellites across Latin America and the United States.  Local examples include, at Chicago and New York City.  

Therefore, what President Obama seeks as policy for our country in his communication here, I largely agree with.  Further, it is reflective of my trajectory in life, and what I have found to be of most reasonable utility and meaningful.  If a more cohesive, loving, and caring nation, as we regard one another, is another of the by-products of his approach, I would only be heartened, and consider it a further, added premium. 

Thank you, Mr. President.  I applaud you.

Best regards, 

Mark Drobnick

from Waukegan, Illinois  USA
(posted, 21 August 2013)


{ Addendum }:  <COPY-President Obama's 13 August 2013 response to me>

The White House, Washington

Dear Mark:

Thank you for sharing your views on abortion.  This is a heart-wrenching issue, and I appreciate your perspective.

I am committed to protecting a woman's right to choose while supporting policies and programs that help prevent unintended pregnancies, assist pregnant women and mothers, encourage healthy relationships, and promote adoption.

Part of my promise to make my Administration the most open and transparent in history is hearing from people like you.  I take seriously your opinions and respect your point of view on this difficult issue.  Please know that your concerns will be on my mind in the days ahead. 

Thank you, again, for taking the time to write.  I encourage you to visit to learn more about my Administration or to contact me in the future.


Barack Obama




Mark Drobnick


Waukegan, Illinois  USA


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