Mark Drobnick
Mark Drobnick

The "Post Card" - La "Tarjeta Postal"

"Post Card" Here's the post card I got out to voters, on the day before election day [ double click icons, to view ]. Publicity is important in campaigning, and, I apologize for not getting it out sooner. It was dropped off, door to door, even to non-voters, side stepping the post office, due to time constraints. This was my eighth campaign, two of which have been successful. With such experience, you might expect more from me. Anyway, I'm ahead of Abe Lincoln who went "oh" for nine, until he finally won one. That led to him being on the penny you carry around in your change. You probably know the rest. Like Abe, I finished law school, too; in his day, he went before a local judge to pass an interview exam. If you want to call the J.D. curriculum as implying expertise in being "spin doctor", then expect here comes my excuse, which could euphemistically be termed as professional, conflict resolution, in action. The controversy to quell would be: why I didn't show better? Well, please note, I got 97% as many votes as the mayor. Like everyone running, I know he tried to efficiently maximize his publicity, too. In any event, spun one way, I was at the top of "independent" vote getters, even though I didn't realize all the marketing I had envisioned. Although less than excellent the result, it does mean something positive. The biggest handicap that threw me for a loop, was the unexpected, sudden death of my wife's father, only age 69. That happened on the same weekend I announced my candidacy, in early November 2012. Thus, for the better part of three months during the height of the campaign cycle, our time, energy, and money, was diverted to Puerto Rico (where he had lived). So, if my resources weren't as abundant and focused as they should have been, for this campaign, now you understand why. It's in God's hands --- when has it been otherwise? --- that in the future, we are more successful in achieving better government for you. Bottom line: we thank you for your support, of all we have done to make this town better. It is indeed noted and greatly appreciated. Our best wishes for your obtaining success and prosperity, Mark Drobnick, Loida María, Mark L., Josh, & Linda 12 April 2013 - Waukegan, Illinois U.S.A.
Campaign "Post Card", English-obverse
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Campaña, "tarjeta postal", español-revés
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