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Mark & Loida Drobnick with "Roll Bounce" cast & crew, including Director Malcolm D. Lee (Spike Lee's cousin)

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Daley Scouts Presidency, Very Early

"Daley Scouts Presidency, Already in Beginning of His 1st Term"


Here's an object lesson for Waukegan, methinks.


A few of the first things I recall about Mayor Daley II, evidently, a great mayor for Chicago, are the following.  The first two have to do with making political connections with other politicians in high places.  Also, the renovation of the south Loop, e.g. State Street, south of the "L" tracks, is remarkable.


So, he had barely taken office, and I see him meeting Bush I in Washington, D.C.  I can't say that I see this happening with other mayors, to make mention of.  To me, this Chicago mayor was already engineering how he could establish a solid, Washington connection for his city, which finally came to fruition in 2008 with the election of Obama. 


Parenthetically, honorable mention should be made of an important, interim achievement related to this theme.  Daley II's younger brother, William, also with banking experience, got to serve three years in President Clinton's cabinet, as Secretary of Commerce.  More recently, he served a year as President Obama's chief of staff. 


Returning to the mayor, then, much later on, plus combined with other issues, like his wife's health, he decided to step down.  In any event, his work was largely done.  And boy, did he do it, very nicely!


Another episode I recall seeing, is he playfully jousting with the opposite party's local figurehead, Governor Thompson.  There was something to be signed by both.  The Gov. went first, then teasingly dangled the signing pen before Daley, alternately proferring, then withdrawing it, so that Daley had to feign struggle to grab it.


It was all in good fun.  And here he was with the guy who almost became Bush I's v-p, co-operating.  Again, it was a close encounter with that tantalizing, Washington connection.


When I was in medical school, I occasionally visited the Loop.  Even though we were over by Cook County hospital, getting there by subway made it an easy visit.  Yeah, the world-class city you see today in the form of Chicago, was much different, and considerably less classy, then.  It sadly was one, run-down, seedy neighborhood.  I think the intersection was Van Buren with State St., one of the sore spots, as I remember. 


As Donald Trump has recently said, a half dozen years ago, "you have a mayor who loves this city," referring to Daley II and Chicago.  So, I hear that Daley got together with bankers to see about renovating the not-too-safe eyesore.  And, today, it's long repaired. 


The financial collaboration with magnates was a successful one.  Today, it's pleasing to one's sight.  Further, it's relatively safe for visitor and resident.  It is prospering.


Again, the Washington connection is solidly realized and tooling along, at least until January 2017, si Dios lo permite. And, the Magnificent Mile, extended in all its splendor, now reaches far enough to include the Loop and south Loop. 


So, there's one mayor who accomplished leaps and bounds, with metes and bounds, for his city.  Very instructive.  And, well done!


Now, when's Waukegan sending us a governor?  Let's get started, friends.  "'Git' 'er done!"


Mark Drobnick


Waukegan City Clerk candidate


Mark Drobnick


Waukegan, Illinois  USA


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